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Market Team
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Commercial Execution Analytics

We analyze the interactions between commercialization channels and their suppliers and shoppers to keep track of commercial execution and build analytics to support the design and implementation of strategies to win at the points of sales in the long term.
Consumer Goods Suggested Order Analytics

Commercial Execution Point-Of-Sales Audits

Point-Of-Sales Efficient Management
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Market, Shoppers & Consumers Research

We perform measurements and in-depth understanding on the impact brands have on their shoppers and consumers to support the design of robust marketing strategies and powerful and insightful product innovation processes.
Brand Tracking

Market Sizing

Shopper & Consumer Research
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Customer Experience

We measure and analyze your customer experience at the different touch points so it becomes possible to systematically identify opportunities to increase customer loyalty and implement experience management systems to make your company transition to a customer-centric culture.
Mystery Shopper Experience Validation

Experience Tune-Up

Experience Monitor
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Pricing Strategy & Analytics

We design pricing and portfolio strategies aligned to the Company stakeholders’ financial expectations, competition market dynamics, and customers’ willingness to pay supported by state-of-the-art analytical frameworks and tools.
Portfolio & Pricing Strategy

Price Sensitivity Analytics
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Market Sizing

We calculate the size of the opportunity for incremental sales coming from the development of new markets and or new products.  Our analytical methodology takes into account market research as well as information from secondary sources and our previous experience to design building blocks related to the target market and its purchase habits and characteristics.

Brand Tracking

We develop state-of-the-art methodologies to keep periodic track of how your branding strategy impacts consumers.  Our brand tracking allows us to identify and analyze several factors making your brands being adopted and preferred by consumers as well as those attributes where consumers’ perception and relevance can be improved by marketing actions.

Portfolio Segmentation

We develop an analytical methodology supported by several statistical techniques to define what products should be sold by each customer based on its commercial vocation from shopping missions and consumption occasions; top performing items under transactions, revenue and profit criteria, and the company’s innovation pipeline.

Commercial Execution Point-Of-Sales Audits

We build the commercial execution culture by performing audits in all massive commercialization channels!Our 12,000+ monthly audits allow our customers to build their commercial execution culture.

Mystery Shopper Experience Validation

Experience Validation optimizes the execution and delivery of value your organization offers at the different customer touch points.  We understand the organization’s service protocols and discover front-line service opportunities from our mystery shopper research.

We design portfolio & pricing strategies to grow your revenues and profitability supported by state-of-the-art analytics! Our three-dimension methodology – alignment to corporate strategy, design of pricing and promotional architectures.

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