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About Us

Market Team stands for three decades of trusted market research, insights and analytics.

Our passionate and curious team of experts partners with our clients to help them tackle a diverse set of challenges in a multitude of industries…



Innovation Market Research – Keep Track!

We create solutions to help organizations and their leaders innovate and achieve sustainable growth


Commercial Execution & Analytics

We analyze the interactions between commercialization channels and their suppliers and shoppers to keep track of commercial execution and build analytics to support the design and implementation of strategies to win at the points of sales in the long term.


Market, Shoppers & Consumers Research

We perform measurements and in-depth understanding on the impact brands have on their shoppers and consumers to support the design of robust marketing strategies and powerful and insightful product innovation processes.


Customer Experience

We measure and analyze your customer experience at the different touch points so it becomes possible to systematically identify opportunities to increase customer loyalty and implement experience management systems to make your company transition to a customer-centric culture.


Pricing Strategy & Analytics

We design pricing and portfolio strategies aligned to the Company stakeholders’ financial expectations, competition market dynamics, and customers’ willingness to pay supported by state-of-the-art analytical frameworks and tools.

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